“Taking education at different level with new educational techniques and dimensions throughout Pakistan”


Our Philosophy
Creating talents from Raw to Excellence
Our Goals
Providing avenue needed by everyone.
Our Committment
“Improving every day, everywhere”
Our Culture
Very Friendly, Very Professional!

Curriculum & Academic Philosophy

Our students are among the highest achievers in their city. The curriculum encourages a student-centered approach where learners have an active role in their learning process and develop the skills and ability to make a significant contribution to society. The selection of teachers is based on their experience as curriculum developers and syllabus writers. In addition, we regularly approach curriculum consultants from the Finland and USA to lead teams of The Lincoln School teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabi. The Lincoln School curriculum and methodology is designed specifically to ensure a smooth transition in teaching and learning from Montessori through the middle years and on to the final two years matriculation’s syllabi. The Lincoln School network is shaping the methodology of delivering development courses and adding efficiency, convenience, interactivity and outreach to the array of learning programs we offer.
The Lincoln School has taken the initiative of implementing a state-of-the-art classroom/ learning management system capable of providing its students with academic resources anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances. The Lincoln School promotes and encourages co-curricular activities in all of its classes. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, take responsibility, assume leadership, work under a leader, organize events, conduct programs and experience real-life situations.
We not only focus on education but we also teach them etiquettes of daily life which help them to reflect their vibrant personality and out system.